A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Mama Bear is an adventure game in which you play as a mother water bear/micro organism protecting her eggs. Overcome obstacles and make it to the end of each stage with your egg.
its more like an demo/enviroment.


Mama bear mac 70 MB
Mama bear.zip 74 MB


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I have amd 250 processor and amd rx460 videocard and it's too slow on my Lubuntu 16.04.4 with wine 3.3 (1280x720, fastest, windowed). Could you please make a Linux version too or optimize it somehow. I think Linux version is not a big problem for modern Unity versions. 

And thank you. The game idea is good and cute and it looks wow. I think we should have as many as possible of such mother sims to make the world better. 

Our apologies for this late response. we are quite bussy with school and finding the project on our old laptops and if we find it we'll try to build a linux version and maybe later during holidays try to optimize it some more.

feedback is always welcomme!